On the eastern side of Bhadarwah city about 30 kms, lies the meadows of 'Padri'at an elevation of 11000 feet's extending upto 'Bhal Padri' which over looks Valley of Changa (Bhalessa). The meadows is 5 to 7 kms length ideal for Adventure Sports like Snow skiing, Mountain biking,Paragliding, Trekking and Camping.The never melting glacier popularly known as 'Sonbai' is a patch of accumulated snow at an elevation of 7000 to 8000 feet. The glacier squeezes to a minimum length of 300 meters in the month of September/October. The legend goes that the place used to bea spring oozing milky water which was being used by the villagers of Thanalla as sacred water. 'Sonbai' is the only place in J&K which is 1.5 km away from habitation and remains covered with snow throughout the year. For this reason the area of 'Sonbai' and Pad ri is being promoted as all time Snow Skiing destination for attraction of tourists from the plains of India and from abroad who love adventure and are in search of virgin unexplored areas on the globe.

BHADARWAH is a heaven for Treckkers, Mountaineers, Campers and Explorers. The famous treks from Seoj, Padri, Jai Shpar Dhar and other destinations have been discovered by locals and foreigner trekkers while on joint expenditions.So many unknown Lakes and pastures were discovered during the trips originating from tourist destinations. The travel agents of the Bhadarwah are well euipped for such adventure tour. We have carefully arranged Snow Boarding packages that combines our excellent prices. We strive to provide our tourists aan forgetable experience with lots of adventure in it like Skiing,Snow boarding,River Rafting in Chenab,Paragliding in Bhadarwah.We also arrange special camps for school students and other special groups intrested in camping, trekking etc.